About Us

About Us

Our church family here is a loving, close-knit group of Christians trying our best to live for Christ. We’re not perfect, of course, but we’re striving each day to let God’s Word be our guide for everything we do—in everyday life, at work, at school, at church. . . everywhere. Many of us come from different backgrounds, and we work in different fields, but we share a common love for Jesus Christ and His church and look for opportunities to share that love with others.

Maybe you’ve realized there’s a void in your life, like something’s missing. We would love to have you as our guest! This could be a perfect opportunity to connect with Christians in this area. It’ll be a non-threatening environment, and you won’t be singled out or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. Just come join us for this simple worship service where we’ll reflect on what Jesus Christ has to say to our lives.

We’d love to see you soon. We’ve saved you a seat!

Our History

The Pyburn Street congregation was established in 1885 at the culmination of a gospel meeting conducted by J. Will Henley and W.A. Goodwin both of the Maynard area. In this meeting three elderly ladies were baptized and made up the charter members of the congregation. Initially known as the Pocahontas Church of Christ, the congregation met for a short time in the Methodist Church building prior to settling into the jury room of the old Randolph County Courthouse where they would meet for the next 29 years.

In 1914 land was purchased and our first building, a beautiful red brick structure with stained glass and and belltower, was built on the corner of Pyburn and Bryant Streets in downtown Pocahontas. From this point forward the congregation was known as Pyburn Street Church of Christ. This structure served the congregation well until the mid-1950s when the present edifice was constructed for the congregations use.

The Pyburn Street congregation has been involved in many wonderful works both locally and abroad and continues to support mission and benevolent works around the world. Pyburn Street has been blessed to be led by many wonderful Elders, served by many great Deacons, and spiritually fed by many great gospel preachers in her 136-year history. We strive to stand firm upon the word of God and preach the gospel of Christ in love to those who are lost and seeking the saving power of Christ Jesus.